Age of the Thirty Years War (1598-1660): A Bibliography


A Bibliography of Diplomatic and Military Studies

by William Young

Chapter 5

Age of the Thirty Years War (1598-1660)

Age of the Thirty Years War (1598-1660): A Bibliography (pdf)

About William Young

Dr William Young is a retired historian with more than 30 years of experience in teaching and research. He has 18 years of teaching experience at the University of North Dakota and Valley City State University. Moreover, he was a historian in the United States Air Force History Program for 15 years. He possesses a doctoral degree in international and military history and master’s degrees in history and international relations. Young is the author of German Diplomatic Relations, 1871-1945 (2006), International Politics and Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great (2004), and European War and Diplomacy, 1337-1815 (2003). He has also written 42 official Air Force unit histories, two monographs, and other studies. Young is the recipient of many history awards, including three U.S. Air Force Historian of the Year Awards and a U.S. Air Force History Program of the Year Award. He has studied and worked for 13 years overseas in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. He has traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. His hobbies include collecting and reading history books and attending college ice hockey games.
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3 Responses to Age of the Thirty Years War (1598-1660): A Bibliography

  1. William Young says:

    Reblogged this on Military History.

  2. Alright Dr Young, if you keep this shit up, I’m going to have to add you to the “Men Who Consistently Blog About Stuff I Find Immensely Interesting” list. I can think of at least three occasions during my undergraduate program that I would have killed for a list like this. Great work!

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